2014/33/EU Lifts and Safety Components of Lifts Directive (95/16/EC Lift Directive)

2014/33/EU Lifts and Safety Components of Lifts Directive  (Formerly 95/16/EC)

CE Conformity Marking: Marking which indicates that manufacturer has fulfilled all obligations based on technical regulations and that the product being subjected to all conformity assessments.

Technical file: Technical file contains information about the report and documents indicated that the product was manufactured properly due to technical regulations, design, production and operations.

Lift Directive: Lift directive which indicates basic health and safety requirements fulfilled by lifts which are used for carrying people, people and charge or just charge and its security equipment before presenting to the market

CE Marking for Lifts:  ‘CE’ conformity marking consists of first letter ‘CE’  as follows;

It has to be measured indicated drawing above in case of that CE conformity marking needs to be minimized and maximized. Variable forms of CE marking should be the same style and in the vertical dimension. Vertical size should not be smaller than 5 millimetres. This minimum size may be ignored for small security features. For Lifts (All systematic types) UDEM Notified Number (2292)  should be attached following CE marking.


Moreover UDEM has completed transition audit to 2014/33/EU Lifts and Safety Components of Lifts Directive.