Management Commitment

As a member of AYK Group, UDEM China has adopted the principles of impartiality and confidentiality as a company culture.

Neither UDEM China nor its employees  have no relationship in the manufacture, design, research & development or sales of the products that conformity assessment is performed by UDEM International Certification (CE 2292) and Udem Adriatic d.o.o. (CE 2696)

UDEM China is / can  not involved in Conformity Assessment as those services are provided by Notified Bodies itself, only goal of UDEM China is providing support to their partners, customers through in time responses, organizing and explaning Conformity Assessment procedures.

UDEM China aims to support it partners through regular information flow of the relevant technical guidances in a reliable, high quality and rapid way. All the information belonging to customers will kept in confidental and will not be shared with 3rd parties unless local authorities require.